Time for the voice of every baseball fan and baseball player, Puerto Rican, and the entire Latin community to come together and support the withdrawal of the #21.

Roberto Clemente, star of the Pittsburgh Pirates for 18 seasons, not only left an important legacy as a baseball player, but was also a humanitarian figure. Always committed in helping the less fortunate.

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Roberto Clemente Walker managed to win two World Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has been considered one of the best right fielders in history, winning twelve Golden Gloves. He was also a remarkable hitter who won four individual titles and managed to reach the figure of 3,000 hits. Clemente was perhaps the most dominant player of the 1960s decade.

Besides his work in the field, Clemente had an admirable work defending the image of Latin American players and his country’s sports education. Tragically, while carrying an aid cargo for the victims of the Managua Earthquake in 1972, his plane crashed. The Roberto Clemente Award is given in recognition for those who are do community work.

The time has come to finally honor one of the greatest baseball legends of all time. Sign the petition to retire Roberto Clemente’s #21. Together we can make history!